Oldies, But Goodies

Ancestry Listing

At Roto Grip, we’re constantly looking to take our equipment to the next level. Because we’re always striving toward new heights, these balls couldn’t live forever. But their legends will never die.

Ancestry Ball
Alliance Tour™

The coalition of dominance continues with the introduction of the Alliance Tour™. The synergy of power and performance reigns supreme with this latest weapon. The quick revving highly asymmetrical Pinnacle™ core design has proven to be the ultimate driving force from the release to impact. The newly engineered Armor™ hybrid reactive is a unique blend of pearl and solid reactive coverstock, creating the perfect combination of friction through the oil along with supreme angularity on the backend. Join the Alliance and strike out for total domination!

Coverstock Armor™
Coverstock Style Hybrid
Coverstock Type Reactive
Weight Block Pinnacle™ Core
Color Red/Copper Pearl/Black
Finish 4000 abralon
Durometer 73-75
Flare Potential 7+ inches/High
Weights 10lbs - 16lbs

so what’s todays equivalent?

True. This ball is no longer available. But before getting too distraught, you should know that you can find a comparable ball that offers similar results in one of our new HP lines.

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