Oldies, But Goodies

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At Roto Grip, we’re constantly looking to take our equipment to the next level. Because we’re always striving toward new heights, these balls couldn’t live forever. But their legends will never die.

Ancestry Ball
Super Cell™

Roto Grip's Crown Line is exactly that – the crown jewel of core design and coverstock technology. So when we're looking to create that new gem, we have to make sure that it lives up to the reputation of its predecessors.

The new Super Cell will be a strong asymmetrical shape as we need it rev up and roar at the break point. And the cover will be strong enough to handle heavier oil without losing that famous "knockout punch" at the pins.


Roto Grip® is lighting up the bowling world. Just ask Wes Malott—with Roto Grip in his hand he's been unstoppable, and Roto Grip can do the same for you.

The Super Cell features the highly regarded Nucleus™ core, the same core which forever changed the bowling industry and the way we look at core shape. Predictable for ball drillers and bowlers alike, this awesome design produces an impeccable motion with countless layouts.

For the cover, we wrapped the super tacky Cytoplasmic XL™ pearl reactive on it to ensure plenty of traction in oil with a big move to the pocket. And not only is it strong it's versatile! Grab an Abralon® pad and break the polish to reveal a second level of power.

The Super Cell is just what you need to put a hurtin' on the pins, just like big Wes Malott does to his competition.

Coverstock Cytoplasmic XL
Coverstock Style Pearl
Coverstock Type Reactive
Weight Block Nucleus™ Core
Color Orange/Royal Blue/Black Pearl
Finish 1500-grit Polished
Durometer 73-75
Flare Potential 7+ inches/High
Weights 12lbs - 16lbs

so what’s todays equivalent?

True. This ball is no longer available. But before getting too distraught, you should know that you can find a comparable ball that offers similar results in one of our new HP lines.

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