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Our intent with the new Rising Star was to create a ball that works well on medium-light oil patterns for bowlers of different skill levels and styles. With the benchmark-type symmetrical core shape, the original Dark Star™ was the cornerstone of the Shield line in 2010, and the new Rising Star will fit the same parameters and perform even better.

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To increase total hook as compared with the Dark Star, the Ultimate Vision™ hybrid coverstock is a must for this new release. It creates a smooth glide through the heads with ample bite on the dry boards without being over-sensitive. And with a 1500-grit polished finish, the new Rising Star is sure to raise the bar.

A journey to the center of the ball will reveal the new Neutron™ core as the power source. The Neutron core’s medium RG- medium differential shape is based on the concept started with the original Photon™ core utilized in the Dark Star. But you’ll find an even lower RG and higher differential in the heavier weights. So look for more motion out of the Rising Star with all the benefits of a hybrid coverstock.


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Rising Star™ Bowling Ball Technical / Specs

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Coverstock Name Ultimate Vision
Coverstock Style Hybrid
Coverstock Type Reactive
Weight Block Neutron™
Color Black Solid/Gold Pearl
Finish 1500 Polished
Durometer 75-78 Rex D-scale
Flare Potential 4-5 inches/Medium
Weights 10lbs - 16lbs
Release Date 02/16/11


Weight Radius of
Differential PSA Differential
16 2.56 0.046 n/a
15 2.55 0.042 n/a
14 2.60 0.044 n/a
13 2.63 0.009 n/a
12 2.65 0.011 n/a
11 2.73 0.012 n/a
10 2.77 0.015 n/a

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