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Sanded Hybrid Reactive Bowling Ball

If they knew what was coming, they’d never sleep.

From out of the shadows, I emerge as the winner. The
moment I hit the lane, I dominate my foes and leave them
agonizing over what’s coming next. My all-new Cage™
Core is the nucleus from which my rage builds, leaving my
competition contemplating their exit strategy. They can
either bow out now, or leave with their heads in their hands.
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What my competition can’t see is that I’ve taken every step to ensure their defeat before I even arrive. My newly designed Cage™ Core is a premeditated plot to produce superior midlane motion without sacrificing down lane continuation. Did they think they had a chance?



I lie in wait, ready to ambush my rivals with a wicked one-two blow. The pearl portion of my 76H™ Hybrid Reactive Coverstock eases through the front end while the solid part provides sure-fire continuation through the breakpoint — allowing me to push my opponents past their breaking points.



I was created to devour heavy oil, but with my 4000-grit Pad finish, my scheme is to adjust my rough exterior to also combat medium to lighter conditions.


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Sinister™ Bowling Ball Technical / Specs

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Coverstock Name 76H™
Coverstock Style Hybrid
Coverstock Type Reactive
Weight Block Cage™ Core
Color Neon Yellow & White Pearl / Navy Solid
Finish 4000-grit pad
Finish Method Can be polished
Durometer 73-75 on D-Scale
Flare Potential 7+ Inches/High
Weights 12lbs - 16lbs
Release Date 08/26/14


Weight Radius of
Differential PSA Differential
16 2.52 0.053 0.016
15 2.52 0.054 0.015
14 2.53 0.054 0.014
13 2.57 0.032 0.010
12 2.59 0.029 0.008

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