International Bowling Balls

2014 Lineup


We’re all about giving bowlers everything they need to be their best. But not just in the States. We’re also gearing up our friends across the pond and worldwide with unique product offerings available only to our international customers.

North Star™

North Star™


As with the Shooting Star™ and Riot™, two balls which both ready the midlane very nicely without grabbing in the heads, Ultimate Vision™ solid reactive material will be used as the groundwork for the new North Star. Remember that the shell material is the only part of the ball in contact with the lane itself and, thus, has the most influence on ball reaction.

The North Star, like the Shooting Star, will also be powered by the new Neutron™ core. Its medium RG- medium differential shape allows you to select your favorite layout and create the type of motion you love. Look for the new North Star to read the midlane effectively, arc smoothly off the break point, and roll heavy through the pins, leaving NOTHING left standing.

Coverstock Name Ultimate Vision
Coverstock Style Solid
Coverstock Type Reactive
Weight Block Neutron™
Color Charcoal/Magenta
Finish 4000- grit Abralon®
Durometer 75-78
Flare Potential 4-5/Medium
Weights 10lbs - 16lbs


Weight Radius of
Differential PSA Differential
16 2.56 0.046 n/a
15 2.55 0.042 n/a
14 2.60 0.044 n/a
13 2.63 0.009 n/a
12 2.65 0.011 n/a
11 2.73 0.012 n/a
10 2.77 0.015 n/a
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