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The ladies of the PWBA step onto the lanes every week with one goal in mind, to win the tournament. Lindsay Boomershine earned the #1 seed position for the PWBA St. Petersburg-Clearwater Open TV show, which will be taped at the conclusion of the U.S. Women’s Open in Chicago.

“I was feeling good heading into the last standard event for the season,” Boomershine said. “My goal for the 2016 season was simple: I didn’t want to finish 17th. That may sound funny but finishing 17th about five times last year really motivated me to be better.”  

It’s been a long summer on the road for many of the PWBA players. Boomershine hadn’t been home since before the weekend of the Detroit Open but she said that she focused her energy into her physical and mental game to keep pushing herself forward for the second half of the PWBA season.

“I worked the Turbo Collegiate Expo in Indianapolis before I headed to Florida to compete,” Boomershine said.  “The kids we worked with really inspired me. Jason Thomas posted the updated PWBA points list on Thursday. I was 19th and not that far off from making the PWBA Smithsfield Tour Championship. I was even more motivated because last year I was 17th and didn’t get to go.”

Boomershine kept her goal at the front of her mind. She used the new No Rules and Wreck-It from Roto Grip throughout the entire tournament. These balls will be available on August 2. 

“I mostly threw the Wreck-It on the fresh for the first 3-4 games of every block,” Boomershine said. “I absolutely love this piece. It’s very controllable and ‘roll-ly’ for my game on the lanes. When the lanes started to break down, I used the No Rules. The No Rules allowed me to move in and hook the lane. It evened out the pattern for me when the lanes got wet-dry. It’s something that I haven’t seen in our Roto Grip line in a while. I’m so glad they found the missing piece.”

No matter what happened throughout the tournament, Boomershine never gave up on her goal. She watched her ball motion and stayed on top of her moves throughout qualifying and match play.

“The journey resulting in earning the #1 seed at the tournament was super surreal,” Boomershine said. “My goal for that weekend was to take it 1 block, 1 game, 1 frame at a time. I had a game plan for every block, trusted it, and tried not to get ahead of myself. I spilt twice in the last game and so it came down to the last ball of the position round. I ended up striking out in the 10th to make my opponent mark.”

Boomershine is heading to the PBA/PWBA Striking Against Breast Cancer Mixed Doubles this week and then will compete in the U.S. Women’s Open next week. These events will be covered live on Xtra Frame so you can follow all of your favorite PWBA athletes.

“I’ll be continuing to practice and working hard and taking one day at a time. That’s all you can really do.”




Boomershine earns #1 seed at the PWBA St. Petersburg-Clearwater Open with No Rules