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Traveling with bowling balls can be stressful. Especially when faced with the need to choose bowling balls from your arsenal. Amateur staff member, Brandon Smith, recently traveled to the Open Championships in Reno and shared what he took with him and how he played the lanes. He used his Eternal Cell the entire tournament. When he left nationals he left in 12th place with a 3059 on the team, 5th place in doubles with a 725, and he also bowled well in singles with a 650.

 Check out his interview below:

What balls did you take to Reno?

As for equipment I took 6 balls the Eternal Cell, Critical, Haywire, Tropical Heat, Haywire and Alpha Crux.

Did you practice on the shot before you left?

Yes, we did! We had a hour practice session on it and it helped throwing surface up the gutter to try and break them down the best we could then we moved in and opened them up the best we could. 

Tell us about the tournament…what went well? 

As a team, we used 500 grit in team event for a few minutes of practice then we went to balls with some shine on them. I used 4000 grit for most of the tournament. In doubles I started right up 10 for the 1st game and jumped left around 17 or 18 and was real smooth with it off my hand and had great ball reaction and it lasted pretty much the whole set of doubles. In Singles, I had to move more left but that only lasted the first game and a half and had to make a ball change to my tropical heat (yes I still carry one of those around, I love that ball). It was a great tournament! The pattern is really tough this year it plays longer on team event and feels a lot shorter on singles and doubles

How are you feeling about the tournament?

I just missed some spares in the team event that I wish I wouldn't have. The Eternal Cell really matched up well through the whole tournament and read the pattern smoothly.

Thanks for sharing what worked for you on this challenging pattern Brandon! #OwnIt


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