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Bowling's Men and Women's U.S. Open's  will kick off on July 20 at three Ohio host centers – Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl, Columbus Western Bowl and Holiday Lanes. The Senior Women's U.S Open begins July 22nd. 

In an unprecedented moment for the U.S. Open brand, a first-ever “Battle of the Sexes” U.S. Open exhibition contest will take place during the finals at this year’s competition. Announced by the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America (BPAA), following the completion of the men’s and women’s tournaments at the 2013 Bowling’s U.S. Open, the male and female champions will compete in a historic contest to crown the ultimate Open winner. 

The match will be broadcast live on ESPN immediately following the finals of Bowling’s U.S. Open, which will air at 12:00pm EDT on Saturday, July 27 in Columbus, OH.  This groundbreaking match also represents the first time that a U.S. Open brand will put on a “Battle of the Sexes” event, presented by Brunswick Bowling & Billiards. 

Roto Grip's Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, who has over 20 professional titles, admits that winning a U.S Open is on her 'bowling bucket list."

"I'm always excited to bowl the U.S. Open," said Dorin-Ballard. "It's one of the most pinnacle events in our sport and it's an honor to be able to compete. I have been bowling a lot of tournaments and practicing to keep my game sharp and learn the new Roto Grip equipment. This year's pattern will be a little tougher and spares will come into play. I like the grind patterns better than the strike a thon patterns. I continue to be in awe of everyone (men and women) who have won this title and truly respect what they have accomplished."

"It's on my list of I must have's. I don't think that winning the Open defines my career, but it sure does look good on the bowling resume, along with the green jacket, the eagle and the Big check. Besides, my husband Del has two U.S. Open championships and he reminds me about this constantly."

"I feel like I'm bowling really well. (And yes, I'm healthy). I recently won the TEAM USA Summer trials at the ITRC where we competed on three different patterns and I adapted well, so it definitely helped in justifying the things I have been working on in my game. It also gave me the chance to throw the new equipment and see how it reacts."

Roto Grip Women staffers Shannon Pluhowsky and Elysia Current will also be competing.

On the Men's side, Roto Grip star Wes Malott is hoping to add a major to his bowling resume.

Malott is healthy after a recent knee surgery.

Roto Grip staffers Brian Kretzer, Stu Williams, John Szczerbinski, Michael Haugen Jr., Mike Wolfe and Kyle King will also be competing.

This year’s events have the support of title sponsor 100% Natural Lipton Iced Tea, and presenting sponsors Storm Bowling Products and Roto Grip, the Brands of Ebonite & Columbia 300, Brunswick Bowling & Billiards, and Jani-King.
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