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Hugh Miller of Seattle won the PBA Senior South Shore Open presented by DV8 Thursday for his third career Senior Tour title and in the process became a contender for Senior Player of the Year heading into the final tournament of the season.

Miller used the Roto Grip Critical Theory for the win. The victory marked the 18th time this season a player has won a national PBA/Senior PBA tour stop using Storm or Roto Grip bowling balls.

"Hank (Boomershine) sent me four balls in January and I was using one of those," said Miller.

Miller defeated 2007 Senior U.S. Open winner Rick Minier of Houston, 198-172, in the championship match to move into second on the Senior Player of the Year points list, 12 points behind Hall of Famer Walter Ray Williams Jr. Williams hoped to clinch the honor in Hammond but failed to earn any points after being eliminated in the second round of match play.

The Senior Tour season wraps up with the Senior Decatur (Ill.) Open Aug. 12-14 at Spare Time Lanes which will be covered live in its entirety by’s online bowling channel Xtra Frame.

“I was kind of a long shot but wasn’t really mentioned as a contender so I kind of used that as a motivator,” said Miller, who earned 16 Player of the Year points for his win. “When Walter Ray wasn’t able get any points I thought let’s win this thing and the race is on.”

In the semifinal match Miller, also a seven-time PBA Tour winner, defeated 2012 USBC Senior Masters winner and Storm staffer Mike Edwards of Tulsa, 237-177, to advance to the title match. In the other semifinal, Minier defeated Hall of Famer and four-time Senior Player of the Year and Roto Grip staffer Tom Baker of King, N.C., 220-205.

Miller did not bowl the first three tournaments of the season but finished second in the Senior Northern California Classic and Senior Masters which put him in Player of the Year contention.

“I’ve had a pretty good season considering I didn’t bowl the first three tournaments,” said Miller, who finished second in Hammond in 2008. “I’ve adopted a new philosophy of bowling a little more aggressively and not giving away the pocket. It seems to be working so I thought why not go for it.”

Edwards, who was awarded fourth in the tournament, earned two Player of the Year points to stay in the race in third, 14 points behind Williams.

Xtra Frame online subscription information for the Senior Decatur Open is available by clicking on the Xtra Frame logo on the homepage.


Olympia Lanes, Hammond, Ind., Thursday

 Championship Match

Hugh Miller, Seattle ($7,500 - Roto Grip Critical Theory) def. Rick Minier, Houston ($4,000), 198-172. 

Semifinal Round (losers earn $2,700)

Minier def. Tom Baker, King, N.C., 220-205.

Miller def. Mike Edwards, Tulsa, Okla., 237-177.

Round of 8 (best-of-three games, losers eliminated, $1,700 each)

Edwards def. Bob Learn Jr., Erie, Pa., 2-0.

Miller def. Jeff Richgels, Madison, Wis., 2-0.

Minier def. Harry Sullins, Chesterfield Twp., Mich., 2-0.

Baker def. Mark Williams, Beaumont, Texas, 2-0.


Storm/Roto Grip Wins - 2012 PBA/PBA Senior Tour

1. 2012 PBA Senior South Shore Open - Hugh Miller - Roto Grip Critical Theory™

2. 2012 USBC Senior Masters - Mike Edwards - Storm Manic™

3. 2012 Etonic PBA Senior U.S. Open - Amleto Monacelli - Storm Marvel™ Pearl

4. 2012 PBA Senior Mooresville Classic - Bob Learn Jr. - Storm Victory Road™ Pearl

5. 2012 PBA Senior Sun Bowl In The Villages - Lennie Boresch Jr. - Roto Grip - Roto Grip Nomad™  Pearl

6. 2012 PBA Pepsi Elite Players Championship - Jason Belmonte - Storm Marvel™ Pearl

7. 2012 PBA Dick Weber Playoffs - Norm Duke - Storm Frantic™

8. 2012 PBA Carmen Salvino Classic - Andres Gomez - Storm Marvel™ Pearl/Hy-Road™

9. 2012 PBA Mark Roth-Marshall Holman Doubles Championship - Norm Duke/Wes Malott - Storm Frantic™/Anarchy™

10. 2012 PBA Kuwait International Open - Osku Palermaa - Storm Natural™

11. 2012 PBA Detroit Open - Norm Duke - Roto Grip Outlaw™

12. 2012 PBA GEICO Shark Open - Jason Belmonte - Storm Marvel Pearl™/Roto Grip Critical Theory™

13. 2012 U.S Open - Pete Weber - Storm Marvel™ Pearl/Frantic™

14. 2012 PBA Ricart Ford Open - Scott Newell - Storm Victory Road™ Solid

15. 2012 PBA Scorpion Open - Dominic Barrett - Storm Marvel Pearl™/Roto Grip Critical Theory™

16. 2012 PBA Chameleon Open - Jason Belmonte - Storm Marvel Pearl™/Roto Grip Outlaw™

17. 2012 PBA Viper Open  - Stuart Williams - Storm Victory Road™ Solid/Tropical Heat™

18. 2012 PBA World Championship - Osku Palermaa -  Storm Hy-Road™/Roto Grip Outlaw™/Defiant™


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