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Roto Grip is pleased to announce that England's Stuart Williams has joined it's 2012-13 'Team Roto Grip' Staff of Champions.

Williams won the 2012 PBA Viper Open, and in doing so became the first player from England to win a PBA Tour title. 

Stu operates a pro shop in Ellesmere Port, England and enjoyed a stellar amatuer career before turning professional.  He won the 2007 WTBA World Ranking Masters and has bowled 300 games in 12 different countries.

"I'm really excited to join the Roto Grip team," said Williams. "I have had alot of success with the Roto Grip balls the last couple of years, including recent success with the new Beserk™. Joining the Roto Grip Staff will give me alot of confidence when the PBA World Series of Bowling begins in November."

“Roto Grip is excited to add Stu to our National staff,” said Roto Grip Marketing Manager Chris Schlemer. “Adding a talented international player of Stu'scaliber is great for Team Roto Grip. Not to mention the addition of some great new pieces to the revamped product line, Roto Grip will be a force to be reckoned with this upcoming PBA Tour season.”

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