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Yet again the 1-2 punch of the Disturbed and Defiant Soul show the lanes what is up out in Reno. This time it was Roto Grip staffer John Szczerbinski using the pair to take over the USBC OC Regular Singles and Regular All-Events. John used the Disturbed in the Team event for a set of 777. Then he used both the Disturbed and Defiant Soul for 662 in Doubles and 789 in Singles. His 2228 All-Events tally is currently 59 pins greater than second place. Oh and if you were wondering, John explained to me via text message that he played both patterns around 10 board to start and then chased the pattern left as it transitioned.

Disturbed - Pin above the bridge, CG swung out 3/4", no extra hole, out of box finish.

Defiant Soul - Pin in the ring finger, PSA 1/2" right of the grip line just below thumb, no extra hole, out of box finish.

So if you still have not made the trip to Reno and was thinking about a new ball or two for the event. Hands down the Disturbed and Defiant Soul are a win win combination!


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