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Hand: Left Ball Speed: 16-17mph Ball Weight: 15lbs PAP: 5 left 7/16 up Degrees of Tilt: 17 Layout: 4 ½ x 4 ½ x 3 ½ The Rumble is a great edition to the Roto Grip mid to low performance line up. With the solid cover stock and the new Late Roll 51 weight block it is the smoothest reaction ball in the HP2 line up. The Rumble has the pin drilled into the ring finger with the cg in and no hole. I am able to play straight up the boards which I usually cannot do with a solid but with it being a weaker (but still strong) solid than all the other solid balls I have it is very versatile, predictable and a smooth back end motion. Once the lanes open up and the outside line is starting to dry up and the Rumble starts to jump I am able to move more right to my A game and does not over read but keeps a good line until it gets to the back end and makes a smooth turn with a lot of power for a mid to low end solid. The Rumble is a great ball for someone who wants something smooth but not super strong at a lower price. If you have any questions about the !Q Tour pearl email me at garrett.richardson@pinolebowlerssupply.com Garrett Richardson Storm/Roto Grip Amateur Staff Vise Inserts Amateur Staff Pinole Bowler’s Supply www.facebook.com/grstorm www.facebook.com/pinolebowlerssupply www.stormbowling.com www.rotogrip.com www.viseinserts.com