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Rotogrip Rumble PAP-5 over and ½ up Ball Speed: 15-17mph Rev Rate: 300-500 Right Handed Layout: Basic pin up with ½ side weight Surface Preparation: OTB What I wanted from this ball: Late roll with a strong continuation to the pocket Result: Exactly what I wanted. Being a huge fan of the Wrecker, I wanted this ball to stronger with a more violent backend reaction. This is exactly what I got from this ball. I didn’t alter the surface at all and went with a strong drill pattern for me. I did not put a weight hole in this ball, but did put about ½ ounce side weight to help it move. I tested this ball on our home wood lanes with our house pattern. Our house pattern is a tough shot with dry heads in the middle portion of the lanes from 10-10 and a huge early backend and a hold area from 10-5 with a massive out of bounds 5 and out. I bowled 3 games keeping this ball around the 10 board and scored great. I managed to get great length and a hard continuing backend reaction towards the pocket. The carry was awesome and this ball carried both light and heavy pocket hits for me. The second set of games, I moved deeper inside playing around the 15 board and swinging the ball out to 8 board. Keep in mind that our house patter has an out of bounds past the 5 board. The Rumble did exactly as I expected it to do. I was able to get great length throughout the dry portion of our lanes and still get a great snap to the pocket. I did hang some corner pins, but that is expected with our pattern due to the massive backend in the middle portions of our lanes. I was able to get this ball a bit wide and still have recovery to the pocket as well. Compared to the Wrecker, this ball is much more controllable and forgiving. Pro shop reaction: I cannot keep this ball in stock. As soon as I put one on display, it sells within two to three days! This ball has a fantastic look as well. All of my Rumble customers agree that this ball is much stronger than they expected. Recommendations: I would recommend this ball for any bowler ranging from beginner to advanced bowlers. The Rumble would be a great benchmark ball to start out with. Storm-Roto Grip Staff Sean Baker Bowl Like a Pro Shop Paducah, KY 42001