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Weight: 15 lbs. Pin Length: 3"-4” Drilling: 60 x 5 1/4 x 30 with no hole Pattern Length: 41 ft. Pattern Volume: Medium Pattern Type: THS Right Handed Lets talk Rumble. The Rumble is a very rolly ball for its price point. By tradition, the HP2 line gives me a better skid/snap reaction. However, I was proven wrong when I drilled this ball. The surface of this ball allows it to grab early and the low differential gives us the controlled motion down lane. So with that being said, if you are currently using a Disturbed and having a problem with the ball over reacting and reading the pattern too early, you should be able to step down to a Rumble and move a couple boards left and start turning the big wheel. Also, if you are throwing some Storm equipment such as a Reign of Power or an IQ Tour Solid, the Rumble will also be a great step down from these two balls as well. LD Dawn Roto Grip Staff Member