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UpRoar #1: Layout: 55x4x70 Tested on: 41ft THS and Don Carter pattern Surface and oil/cleaner: Older HPL and Ice oil with Defense C cleaner Results: Found this ball worked really well on the THS and playing the track area, did also have good success playing straight up the lane on the Don Carter pattern, even though this has pearl additive, it did not react like a pearl additive ball, the diff on this ball make it a great benchmark ball for any skill level of bowler. When I ran into carry down, it seemed very receptive to the carry down and it kept up the overall shape down lanes where a typical pearl ball would tend to start to slide a little more or hook early. When the Carter pattern starts to give up the front part of the lane, the ball motion did not really changed that much and seemed to be very stable on fresh and used patterns. Great overall performing ball.