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The 29-year-old right-hander had 36 consecutive strikes at the Friday Night Mixed Early league at Thunder Alley Bowling Center in nearby Fort Carson, Colo., to become the 24th bowler in history to record a perfect series. The achievement is pending approval from the United States Bowling Congress and would be the 25th USBC-approved 900. The series bested the previous Colorado state record of 899, shot by Denver's Terry Weddel in 2011. Although Gordon hadn't achieved an 800 series in certified competition prior to his performance Friday, he had been bowling well and had just missed hitting the 800 mark several times. As the strikes started to add up Friday, Gordon still found himself more focused on helping his team win. "The guy I was bowling against started with four in a row, so I was trying to keep up," Gordon said. "My mind was focused on trying to help the team win. We ended up barely winning each game." The attention started to turn to Gordon after he finished his second 300, and Thunder Alley became quieter as he got closer to the final frame. In the 10th, he tried not to pay attention to his surroundings and deliver quality shots. "Everyone started migrating towards our lanes after the second 300," Gordon said. "When I went to bowl, I didn't hear anything, which was crazy. When I got to the 10th frame, I tried not to pay attention to everyone taking pictures and videos. On the final shot, I took my time, made sure I got myself together and threw a great ball." The emotions finally came out after the final strike was delivered, and Gordon hopes the achievement is a stepping stone in his bowling career. "It means a great deal to me," Gordon said. "All of the hard work, focus and practice paid off, and it shows that if you put a lot into something, you can get great things back. I couldn't have achieved this goal without the love and support of my family. I'm going to stay humble and continue to practice and try to get better."