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300 game right out of box on the final scratch league night to make $1,000 dollars.

"I've drilled up 2 of these balls. The first one I rolled a whole season on with multiple honor scores. For a ball that has a 140 games on it, it still reacts like out of the box. The 2nd hyper cell I punched up for nationals in June. It was our final night on scratch league bowling with $1,000 dollars on the line. First game I shot 248 with the old Hyper Cell, I didn't quite have the reaction I was looking for, so I headed up to the pro shop for my new nationals Hyper Cell, the first 11 shots were solid, made a little move and buried the 12th for a solid 9 pin that fell last second by a pin that came off the wall. 300 game!!! Roto Grip by far has the best equipment!"