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I shot my first 300 on May 14, 2014 using my Hyper Cell drilled up 40 x 3.5" x 35 with my PAP at 3 5/8"s over and 3/4" up. Average ball speed is 14 mph being read 50 ft down lane, about 16-17 mph out of my hand. Achieved this accomplishment in just my second fall season of bowling.

"What a game, flush X's in the front 8, almost a ring 10 in the 9th but a pony express messenger took out the 10, flush X's in the 10th and 11th shot, and another almost ringing 10 in the 12th with multiple messengers wiping out the 10 pin. I'd like to thank my ball driller and teammate Roy Tietz for drilling all of my gear and working with me on my game here and there. And my other teammates Drew Brown, Scott Buffington, and Richard Castelli. "