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On March 27th, 2014, Henrik Tremblay took the Salon de Quilles Montmorency over as he shot an 879-series with the Roto Grip Uproar™. The Storm/Roto Grip Staffer fired 35 strikes out of 36 in the Elite league. He left a “Stone-Nine” in the 4th frame of the 2nd game and that’s it! “All my shots were in the pocket,” says Tremblay. “Except that I got a couple of breaks in the third game. In the 8th frame, I hit the head-pin light and got a late 10-pin fall. Then, in the 10th frame, second ball, the messenger kicked out the 9-pin. In order to deal with the transition, I’d say that I moved 4-5 boards left all evening.” Henrik is not a huge fan of leagues. He’d rather bowl tournaments during the weekends. No surprise knowing that he was not that motivated to go bowling that specific evening. However, he felt his timing was right and that there was something special in the air. Just a few bowlers witnessed that feat as Henrik was cold as ice; he had shot a couple of 850-series before and knew how to deal with this kind of pressure. And, when they finally share the news on the mic, the 40-lane house went wild! Ever since he drilled it, the Uproar™ became one of Henrik’s favourite. It reminds him of his Storm Rapid Fire™ Solid (2008): “It goes long and is very angular,” analyses Tremblay. For those of you who would like to know, he drilled is Uproar™ like this: 65 X 5 X 40. Henrik’s 2013-2014 season was crowned with its load of achievements. He won a couple of tournaments, finished in the Top 5 several times and bowled 16 perfect games. He ended up the season by winning the prestigious Molson Dry Cup in Rivière-du-Loup last April along with teammates Jonathan Simoneau, Danyck Brière and Mark Buffa.