To become truly dominant, your arsenal must work in harmony with your game. In just a few simple steps,
Star Search™ can help give you an idea of which Roto Grip balls will perform best given your skill level, style and desired performance.

Based on the accuracy of the information you submitted, this is the ball for you. Remember, Star Search™ is only a guideline. The best way to find the perfect match is to have your local pro shop watch you bowl and make a suggestion based on their observations.

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Heavy Oil



They say it’s just a game. Does it look like I play games?

Imbeciles! How dare they? Their ignorance gnaws at me like millions of microscopic fleas, just biting and biting until I think I’m going to SNAP! Those fools are clueless, and yet they whisper behind my back that I’ve lost touch with reality. You know what’s real? My mad skills at dismembering the pins in almost any lane condition. Crazy? Oh, I’m crazy alright – crazy good!

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Medium Oil



You hear that? That’s my competition crying.

There’s a brief moment of silence between the time I’m released and when I hit the pocket. It’s a time of reflection… tranquility… serenity. But a split second later, all hell breaks loose. The pins crash, my teammates cheer and my competitions’ egos crumble. Someone grab a mop. Things are about to get messy.

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Light Oil

Shout™ 2013

We’re back and ready to crank it even LOUDER!

Last season, we were newbies to the game. But we came out kickin’, put on an impressive show and we’re ready to do it again! There’s no way we could let our awesome fans down. This time around we’re bringing a fresh new look with steady performance in competition and just for fun. So let’s crank it up and have a rockin’ time on this second tour.

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NOTE: Results are based upon the accuracy of your criteria submitted. For best performance, please visit your local Pro Shop.

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